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Volvo Wheel Bearing and Hub Parts

Volvo is known for their adherence to quality, which has shaped their brand for years. They have a great reputation, which has helped bring the company into a market leader, and more specifically, with their wheel bearing and hub parts. Today’s modern wheel bearing assembly is easier to replace than the ones and you can even do this yourself at home. First, work loose the lug nuts on the wheel of the hub bearing you are replacing with a breaking bar and a socket, but do not take them off. Raise the wheel with your floor jack and placing it securely the jack stand. Take off the lug nuts and wheel. Find the caliper bolts and take them off with your ratchet and a socket. Take off the caliper gently using a flat screwdriver and secure the caliper on the coil spring with a bungee cord. Find the caliper bridge bolts and take them off. If you have to take off the pads, take note how they are positioned in the bridge and ensure you are able to put them back the same way. Now take off the rotor. If it is wedged to the hub, hit it with a large mallet. Use a rubber mallet if you are keeping the rotor. Take off any ABS wires linked to the hub bearing assembly or unfasten the wire and follow it to the plug, unplug it and unfasten it from its mounts. If ABS is there, but not linked with the bearing assembly, take the sensor. FCP Euro has a prominent line up of updated Volvo wheel bearing parts including, Volvo Wheel Bearing Retainer Parts, Volvo Wheel Seal Parts and Volvo Wheel Seal Protector Parts.

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Take off the spindle nut with your breaking bar and the spindle nut socket, as well as the washer in back of the spindle nut. Find the wheel-bearing assembly bolts in back of the knuckle and loosen them with the same tools. Put in the slide hammer onto the lug studs with tightened lug nuts. This can be tough to do and you may want to take a few breaks. Remember how the backing plate is installed, so you can replace it the same way. Put the backing plate in its initial location and put your new bearing onto the knuckle. Position the drive-shaft spindle to the center of the hub bearing and push the bearing on as far as you can, lining it up properly. Take off the wheel-bearing assembly bolts. They are lengthy, so tighten them as you can thread them into the new bearing. Then, use the breaking bar to get the bolts as tight as you can. Take off the washer and spindle nut and tighten to their specifications with the half-inch drive torque wrench and spindle socket. Put the breaks back in the same way you took them off. And plug in the ABS lines or reattach them to the bearing. Replace the wheel and tighten down the lug nuts. Drop your Volvo and pump the brake pedal to bring back the hydraulic pressure to the caliper piston. FCP Euro's well-informed and proficient call center staff is always looking to help out and ready to answer any questions you have. If you have questions, would like to put in a phone order, or just have feedback, do not waver in giving FCP Euro a call at 877-634-0063 to connect with our service friendly team.

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