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Volvo produced its first vehicle in 1927 and since has blossomed from their a local small city industry to an auto market global leader, and more specifically with their Volvo Heater Hose parts and components. The passenger compartment heater of your Volvo gets its heat from the radiator fluid running through your car's engine. This fluid, a mixture of specially formulated coolant and water, circulates through channels cut into your car's engine, absorbing the heat from the combustion. When you turn on the heater, you divert some of the hot fluid from the engine into the passenger compartment, where a fan blows on it to create warm air that is directed out through vents. Replacing Volvo heater hoses is not hard, but it does necessitate you to drain the radiator first. FCP Euro has a widespread line up of updated Heater Hose parts including, Volvo Heater Hose Outlet Parts, Volvo Heater Hose Inlet Parts and Volvo Heater Hose Clamp Parts.

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The first thing to do is press your Volvo’s radiator cap and turn it counterclockwise to remove. You should then the drain plug, which is at the bottom of the radiator and is on either the driver's or the passenger's side, depending on the model. Place the drain pan underneath the drain plug. Open the drain plug with the pliers. Allow the fluid to flow into the pan. Close the plug. Loosen the hose clamps at both ends of the heater hose you want to replace by using a screwdriver or pliers. Slice the heater hose from end to end with the utility knife. Remove the heater hose. Use the knife to trim away any hose pieces sticking to the nipples. Apply a few drops of gasket sealant onto the inside lip of both ends of the new hose. Slide the heater hose over the nipple on the engine block and tighten the clip. Slide the other end over the firewall nipple and tighten the clamp. Pour one gallon of radiator fluid into the radiator. Add one gallon of distilled water. Start the engine. Allow it to run for 10 minutes to bring it to operating temperature. Open the heater vents inside, and turn on the heater. While the engine is running, top off the radiator with distilled water. Open the radiator fluid reservoir and pour in water to the fill line marked on the side. Replace the radiator cap. FCP Euro's sharp-eyed call center staff is on hand for any support or questions you may have. If you are uncertain about which Volvo Heater Hose part is necessary for your Volvo, FCP has a extensive catalog for the Volvo brand. Check out the FCP Euro website for all products, as well as our regularly updating inventory. If you have questions, would like to put in a phone order, or just have feedback, do not hesitate to give FCP Euro a call at 877-634-0063 to connect with our service friendly team.

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