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Nippon Reinz part of Dana USA

Nippon Reinz is the Japanese arm of Victor Reinz, which is part of Dana Corporation USA. Nippon Reinz is an original-equipment manufacturer (OEM) and replacement part provider, delivering original and top quality sealing technologies under the Nippon Reinz name. All of their spare parts in their lengthy product line meet or exceed OEM quality.

Nippon Reinz OEM

Many top automobile brands use Nippon Reinz sealing solutions, including Suzuki, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda and Mitsubishi. In fact, Nissan, awarded Nippon Reinz a Nissan Supplier of the Year Award in 2008. Nippon Reinz takes great care in their production and currently follow ISO9001 and ISO 14001 quality management processes. With their home base in Maumee, Ohio, Nippon Reinz holds a staff of roughly 24,500 people, in 26 different countries. Encompassing a worldwide network of 17 distribution centers, Nippon Reinz’s devoted aftermarket staff provides and ensures their technical service, customer support, and consistent product availability. Their highly dedicated and knowledgeable staff also consists of a history of expertise and consistent passion for the production and design of its products.

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