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LuK OEM Clutches

In 1965 LuK invented the diaphragm spring clutch in Germany, and today one in four cars have a LuK clutch. As a key source for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) automotive clutch, torque converter, hydraulic and transmission systems, LuK is a brand respected for innovation and quality. From their modern factory, located in Rotherham, LuK supplies clutches for both OEM and aftermarket use all over the world.

LuK Quality

LuK brand is part of Schaeffler Technologies, a renowned supplier and industry leader in the manufacturing of OEM and aftermarket automotive parts under the brands INA, FAG and LuK. They are one of the largest German and European industrial companies with family ownership, with 180 locations, presently, in over 50 countries.

LuK continues to work aggressively on solutions and technological advances for the automobile world. With their commitment to safety, comfort, and fewer emissions, LuK also recently brought the double-clutch transmission with components for continuously variable transmissions into the auto market.

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