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GKN Driveline

GKN is the global leading producer and technological leader for automotive driveline systems and solutions, including Constant Velocity Jointed (CVJ) and Side Shafts, which provide weight, space, fuel savings, and enhanced efficiency. As a worldwide company working with auto industry leaders and manufacturers, GKN designs, creates, produces and supplies a wide variety of auto products and systems. These can be used in the smallest most economical vehicle, to the most refined premium automobile that demands the most multifaceted driving dynamics.

GKN Global

GKN currently employs 22,000 people, at 57 locations, in 23 countries, all-working in unison with auto manufacturers to create driveshaft and geared component technologies for present day and the years ahead. GKN’s Driveline Countertrack Technology was developed to improve the efficiency of a vehicle's driveline by up to 1%. This allows for the savings of fuel and reduced CO2 emissions. GKN also utilizes a wide range of unique technologies to further design, create and test their products. This ranges from computer-based simulations to machines used to intensely evaluate individual aspects of vehicle performance. GKN continues to maintain a variety of credible research and product development facilities in tactical locations around the world. GKN embodies a staff by teams of engineers, designers, and auto production elites. They all work together in the GKN facilities along side leading auto producers to further resolve any and all specific engineering challenges. On top of that, the staff continues to embark on ongoing research programs created to keep GKN consistently on top of auto technology development. Every solution GKN’s research and product creation teams produce is designed for product performance and resilience when installed. GKN’s research and product development assets include test rigs and proving grounds, where the performance of individual systems can be standardized under the most challenging conditions. Every new design GKN designs also embodies of the latest trends and knowledge in materials and technology.

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