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Flosser – “Made in Quality” - German manufactured bulbs and fuses.

FLOSSER (also known as FLÖSSER) is a company that has dedicated itself to a wide variety of automotive lighting products for over fifty years. Based out of the town of Trier in Germany but with a local distribution center in the United States, the company has focused on developing and producing a wide variety of lighting related products that help make driving safer. This includes bulbs for cars, trucks, motorcycles and buses, as well as fuses for all of vehicle types.

Flosser – OEM and aftermarket bulb and fuse solutions.

Flosser is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) as well as an Aftermarket manufacturer serving over 40 countries including a US based distribution facility. Those who choose to purchase FLOSSER products can rest assured that they’re getting a solid product at a very competitive price.

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