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FAG OEM Bearings

FAG is a global manufacturer of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) bearings specializing in ball, taper, cylindrical and spherical bearing products. FAG products have a history of quality driven OEM high-precision bearings and sensor wheel bearings for passenger cars.

FAG History

FAG is also part of Schaeffler Technologies, which also owns INA and LuK, also brands with impeccable reputations for quality. Schaeffler is a leader in the automotive industry. With 180 locations worldwide, they are one of the largest German and European industrial companies with family ownership, in today’s modern world.

In 1883, Friedrich Fischer designed a ball mill that permitted machines to be used to construct steel balls with quality precision and in large volumes, in Schweinfurt, Germany. This was a first. This invention is considered the historic launch for the rolling bearing industry. From that point, the rolling bearing started its widespread success around the globe, all starting in Schweinfurt.

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