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DEC Catalytic Converter Specialists

DEC has more than 26 years of experience specializing in the manufacture of replacement catalytic converters that not only fit properly, but also perform. All DEC products are put together with dedicated Steel Jigs using machined mounting flanges, silent flex tubes, heavily loaded substrates, heavy-duty tubing and accurate stainless steel shells. This ensures they fit right the first time.

DEC Quality For Simple Installation That Lasts.

DEC designs and creates a full line of replacement catalytic converters, offering thousands of rare models for a direct fit and issue free installation. They are consistently expanding product line and adding new units.

DEC is also a Manifold Converter Specialist, with years of Close Coupled and Manifold Mount Experience. Due to their unique location, Manifold Converters require additional engineering for accuracy and longevity. DEC’s long term warranty assures the their customers of a proper and cost effective long term solution when buying a DEC product.

DEC has an experienced,, quality driven team that is committed to providing their customers the best parts and products in the auto industry. DEC’s knowledge and years of experience ensures the product they design for is of top quality. An experienced DEC quality control specialist also fits all of their parts into a completed jig to validate dimensions before they can be sold. Their unique model of dedicated steel jigs for each model assures a flawless every time.

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