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About CRP

CRP is known for the production of OE quality replacement parts for vehicles. One thing that sets CRP apart from other manufacturers, is the diversity of the brand itself. As where many producers tend to focus on one particular aspect of replacement parts for vehicles, CRP has a larger selection of different types of products, all with the same high quality attention to functionality. CRP makes parts and accessories ranging from their huge selection of automotive parts, to electric motors and motor supplies, plus much, much more. CRP is an international company catering to the USA, Canada, and Mexico.They are the parent company to some very well known brand such as Rein, ContiTech, Pentoisin and more. All of these brands are used regularly by people all over the country, and internationally as well. Having been in business for over a half a century, CRP continues to bring high quality products to the general public, and remains one of the most well known names in the automotive industry.

CRP Parts from FCP Euro

CRP is one of the most well known and respected brands in North America, and it is well known around the world. Because CRP has developed itself as such a large brand over the years, it was no surprise that we here at FCP Euro would want to carry an entire catalog of parts from CRP, to give our customers access to their great quality parts at FCP Euro's great price. Our growing catalog includes CRP parts for a variety of different maintenance requirements such as coolant kits, gasket sets, engine parts and accessories, and many many other beneficial products. The true benefit of purchasing CRP parts from FCP Euro lies within our commitment to quality and satisfaction for all of our customers. When you purchase something out of our CRP catalog, you'll have the reassurance of knowing that all our products are backed by a quality fitment guarantee and a one year warranty that you'll be able to trust when performing the maintenance you need to, and while putting our parts to the ultimate test on the open road. Trust our quality parts selection, commitment to your satisfaction, and of course our 20 plus years of experience, and let FCP Euro make a lasting difference on the overall performance, feel and look of your vehicle.

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