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Bosal Exhaust

Bosal is a Belgium based producer of exhaust systems for passenger cars, trucks, and heavy machinery. It was established in 1923 in Alkmaar. They are a popular and trusted Dutch producer of quality aftermarket replacement parts that is active around the world. They have 30 manufacturing plants and over 18 distribution centers worldwide and continue to produce quality parts and solutions for their customers. In addition to being a well known and respected producer of exhaust systems, Bosal is also involved in the production of irrigation equipment as well as energy conversion components. Most well known for their quality products that help customers to recondition their vehicles with effective replacement parts, Bosal's attention to high quality products help them to remain a profitable company during tough economic times.

Bosal Exhaust Catalog

FCP Euro knows that having a properly working exhaust system helps to not only control the noise put out by your internal combustion engine, but also by changing the toxic components it creates into a non-toxic emission that is infinitely less harmful on the environment. We carry individual Bosal exhaust and muffler system parts as well as complete kits that will effectively allow you to complete a faster and more effective overhaul of your entire exhaust system. Our kits will save you time under the hood and on trips to the store, as well as money you might otherwise spend completing the job piece by piece as needed. What's more is that our entire Bosal catalog is backed by the FCP Euro quality and fitment plus one year warranty that will give you the confidence you deserve when shopping for parts and testing them out on the open road. Trust our 20 plus years of expertise, and enjoy the lasting difference that Bosal parts from FCP Euro will have on your vehicle.

Bosal Mufflers

Bosal is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of OE & Aftermarket Exhaust Systems, Catalytic Converters, and related components and FCP Euro is proud to carry their entire exhaust catalog online.

Exhaust for OEM’s

Bosal is a leader in the design and manufacturing of exhaust systems for vehicle manufacturers around the world. With a goal of providing the highest quality and value to our customers, we continually pursue innovation and new technologies in design and manufacturing.In North America Bosal designs, develops, and manufactures for car makers such as GM, Ford, and Chrysler. Bosal is the supply OE service products to many import carmakers including VW, Honda, Volvo, Subaru, and Mazda. Bosal manufactures OE and Aftermarket Systems in plants located in Ypsilanti, MI, Livonia, GA, and Queretaro, Mexico.

Exhaust for Aftermarket

Bosal was the first supplier to offer one-piece, OE style direct-fit import exhaust systems, mufflers, pipes, and accessories. Bosal also is a leader in direct-fit catalytic converters for both import and domestic vehicles. Our coverage includes listings for over 2,800 makes and models, from Acura to Volvo.

Bosal’s Premium line of replacement exhaust systems is made consistent with OE specifications. It is built with 16- gauge tubing and fully aluminized, along with a precision-fit one-piece configuration. OE style flanges and hangers are used, along with a one piece interior to end cap construction. Uniform flow holes for even exhaust flow complement a one piece welded/ridge locked construction for added strength which also eliminates noise and vibration.

Bosal Catalytic Converters

Bosal’s Catalytic Converter program includes coverage for a full range of import and domestic applications. All Bosal converters are designed to exceed EPA warranty standards.

• Standard Converter Line: Bosal converters are quality built for OE form and fit. Every unit features heavy gauge stainless steel construction. Double heat shields have been added to appropriate units for better heat retention. The entire line has also been upgraded with greater loadings and larger bricks as needed for greater protection against MIL. • Bosal Super-Cats are a step above our standard line. The Super-Cat has an even higher level of precious metals and loadings. It is designed to meet the greater emission requirements of ULEV applications and poorly maintained vehicles. • Our heaviest loaded converter is our CARB approved line of 50 State Legal converters. These are the only Bosal converters that are legal for sale into the state of California.

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