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About Behr

Behr is a German based supplier and manufacturer of automotive replacement parts. They have a headquarters located in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, Germany but have many large locations in the United States as well. Some of their larger places of operation within the U.S. include Troy Michigan, Dayton Ohio, Fort Worth Texas, and Charleston South Carolina. Behr has become a multi billion dollar corporation and as of 2006 employed just under 20,000 people, many of whom are in the United States. A great leader in the replacement parts industry, Behr parts are sought out all over the world, and are a popular choice for many do it yourself mechanics, and independent garage owners. Their products all exceed OE quality standards, and considering that Behr has been in business for over a century ( founded in 1905 ), they are sure to remain a leading name in replacement parts for many years to come.

Behr Parts from FCP Euro

FCP Euro carries a large catalog of Behr parts for the convenience and accessibility of our customers. Behr is a staple name in the industry, and highly regarded as one of the most effective producers of replacement parts on the market. Part of the reason why Behr is such a highly respected corporation results from the sheer selection of their products. Unlike many other companies in the field whom specialize in one particular area of the industry, Behr offers a great selection of diverse solutions for many different aspects of the vehicle, allowing you to equip your car, truck, or SUV with a great quality product that will protect its longevity while simultaneously enhancing the quality performance as well. Our standard one year warranty on our entire Behr catalog helps you the customer to have a heightened level of confidence in our products, while our quality and fitment guarantee gives you the reassurance that you deserve while shopping for the parts that you need. We'd like to remind you that because we are constantly growing and expanding our Behr parts catalog, you may not initially find all of the parts that you're looking for. If that is the case, you need only pick up the phone and give us a call. Our staff is on call and includes P2 Parts and ASE certified technicians who are here to answer all of your questions, get you those hard to find parts, and of course find you the solutions that best suit your needs and your budget all in a timely and friendly fashion. Trust FCP's know-how, experience, and commitment to pure customer satisfaction and let us help you increase the safety, look, and quality performance of your vehicle, every time you need us.

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