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About Bando at FCP Euro

For over a century, Bando has lead the way in the non-tire rubber and plastics industry. The business has expanded over time, as they now produce several different auto parts, including precision equipment components, hybrid rubber industrial products, and optoelectronic materials. However, Bando is most well known for its belts – which is where the company got its start into the auto parts market.

Bando Belts

Bando produces all kinds of belts, from serpentine to timing to V-belts. The company prides itself on the innovations it makes to ensure that each one of its quality belts is designed specifically to meet engine requirements in today's high performance environment. The belts you will get from Bando are reliable, durable, and have a high resistance to both temperature change and friction, which ensures they'll last longer than the average belt.

By volume, Bando is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for a remarkable 80% of the top ten cars sold in the United States. The company has a total of 19 plants worldwide, which makes them the third largest producer of automotive belts in the entire world. Unlike other companies which may have varying standards, all of Bando's products adhere to OEM standards, so you know what kind of quality you're getting when you use one of their belts.

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