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BMW X3 Parts

The BMW X3 has been in production since 2004 and is still being made today, now on its second generation. The X3, although based on the 3 series cars, is a crossover SUV (sport utility vehicle) and is marketed by BMW as a SAV (sport activity vehicle) due to its on road capabilities. The BMW X3 is considered a compact SUV and is a smaller alternative to the similar, yet larger X5. The X3 includes many safety features and BMW's X-Drive all wheel drive system to improve the vehicle's safety and reduce the likelihood of loss of control resulting in a rollover accident despite its higher center of gravity.

In 2005, the BMW X3 3.0i won the Canadian Car of the Year Best New SUV award. A blend of technology, performance, and class all while remaining relatively affordable make this vehicle a success. As with all of their other models, BMW X3 parts are a product of extensive research and engineering, and are of the highest quality. Here at FCP Euro we want to help you keep your X3 on the road for as long as possible. Whether you're looking for simple maintenance parts, or parts for larger mechanical repairs we have what you need in our ever growing BMW X3 catalog. All of our parts, including X3 original parts , are backed by our quality and fitment guarantee and a one year warranty to ensure your satisfaction and to make sure you get the chance to enjoy your BMW for many years to come.

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