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Quality is something BMW has presented as a standard in their brand and stuck to from the day they manufactured their first vehicle. They have eternally shaped vehicles with refined and sleek designs, while making a promise to uphold a high reputation and keeping with the same conditions their customers have come to know. BMW still produces quality within their a massive product line. This has helped establish them in becoming one of the German big three, and more specifically, with their relay parts and components. Each circuit that is added to your BMW should function through your vehicles automotive relay. The factory set wiring in modern BMW’s is light gauge and not created for extra loads. Our BMW’s relay can be useful to control a new circuit with little extra current drawing on the factory wiring. Utilizing a relay can also cut down the space that high-current wiring requires to run and perform accurately. To install another relay to your BMW, the first thing you need to do is connect the relay to the vehicle body or battery negative terminal. It is most appropriate to use a piece of 18-gauge primary wire with a solder-less female spade connector on one end, as well as a solder-less ring terminal on the other end. Connect your new relay to an automotive circuit breaker and connect the circuit breaker's other terminal to the battery's positive terminal. Again, use primary wire, but make sure it is large enough to be able to take the current load of your new device. If you have questions about BMW’s relay parts or components, the FCP Euro team and website are in place to help with anything you need.

BMW Relay Parts Online

Connect the relay terminal to the device that needs power. Use the same gauge wire as that used for the previous terminal. Run an 18-gauge primary wire to a switch in the driver's side. Power the switch from a fused circuit in the your BMW. Link the wire to the relay terminal with a solder-less connector. On the whole, your BMW’s relay switch is an electromagnetic switch, which allows your BMW to run a function that will be able to control a higher current than that which would have blown out the power of your standard switch. FCP Euro's sharp and proficient call center staff is helpful and standing by to answer any questions you may have. If you are at all hesitant on which relay part or component is favored for your BMW, FCP has an all-embracing catalog for the BMW brand. Check out the FCP Euro website for all parts, as well as our updated inventory. If you have questions, would like to put in a phone order, or just have feedback, do not waver in giving FCP Euro a call at 877-634-0063 to connect with our service friendly team.

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