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BMW Hood Parts

BMW came into the auto industry with high standards, building upon their attraction to quality and advanced designs. They kept at this throughout the decades while making the competition word harder after seeing the brand’s highly innovative vehicles. BMW remains one of the three top selling luxury vehicle manufacturers on earth. Their credibility speaks for itself and follows into their products, and even their hood parts and components. The badge on the hood of your BMW is one of the most noticeable aspects on both the front and rear of your vehicle. A chipped or faded badge, or Roundel, is noticeable and takes away from the vehicle's overall look. Fortunately, this part is simple to replace by following some basic directions. The first thing to do is to clean the old badge and the area around it so there is no debris or grime around it. This will minimize the chances of the paint getting scratched when you take off the badge. To take off the badge on your BMW, glide either a flat head screwdriver with tape wrapped around it or a credit card beneath the badge. Work your way around each side a little at a time. You can also use both at the same time. The badge should easily pop out if you go slowly. It may pop out, so be ready to catch it to make sure it does not scratch the paint on your BMW. Next, take off the old grommets that are going to be waiting for you on the other side of the hood if they did not come out with the badge. If you have questions about BMW’s hood parts or components, the FCP Euro team and website are here for any support.

BMW Hood Parts Online

Once the badge on your BMW is off, you should clean the area below it. Debris and grime will have built up there over time. Glide the new grommets onto the new Roundel, but do not break the studs on the Roundel. Situate the grommets over the holes on your BMW’s hood and softly push down until the Roundel is flush against the hood. When taking off the emblem, you may begin lifting the emblem from either the left or the right side. It does not matter. You may also move clockwise or counterclockwise when doing so. Glide some type of paper below it to shield your screwdriver from scratching the paint on your BMW. As a side not, two grommets are in play for a specific BMW 5-series; but some makes may have three grommets. FCP Euro's intelligent and accomplished call center staff is here and able to answer any questions you have or support you may need. If you are hesitant about which hood part or component is a must for your BMW, FCP has a vast line up for the BMW brand. Check out the FCP Euro website for all parts, as well as our updated inventory. If you have questions, would like to put in a phone order, or just have feedback, do not waver in giving FCP Euro a call at 877-634-0063 to connect with our service friendly team

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