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ANSA’s performance heritage

ANSA’s started as a tiny workshop in Italy serving high-end Italian sports cars including exhaust systems for the Ferrari racing culture. The family business then expanded through the 60’s and 70’s to cover most European sports cars.

ANSA expansion into the US and OEM replacement

In the 70′s ANSA SPORT expanded into the United States through numerous recognized foreign car part importers. These parts were rare back then and gained an increasing demand by import parts aficionados and the sports car culture of that era. Its initial American success encouraged the Italian company to found a distribution facility in Southern Georgia allowing for more consistent supply within the U.S. ANSA then launched their Replacement Exhaust line to serve a broader range of customer types. Presently, and in addition to the ANSA SPORT catalog, the ANSA brand produces a wide-ranging selection of replacement exhaust parts, embodying everything from Acura to Volkswagen, and everything in between. With the increasing auto market industry trend of combining polished stainless steel exhaust systems with a more assertive sound, the ANSA introduced Silverline exhaust systems and universal mufflers, as well as tips, for the compact sport market. ANSA has a full line of durable, high-quality factory replacement products to satisfy even the most hard-to-fit import vehicle. ANSA’s complete inventory features direct-fit, stamped or welded exhaust systems and installation hardware that meet or exceed industry standards, are fully compatible with factory components and are engineered to bolt-on accurately every time With a client list as diverse as to include Ferrari, Honda, BMW, and Dodge, there is no doubt ANSA has a solution for your car.

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